Party of One

I remember being engaged and then newly married and having people ask us constantly how many kids we wanted. My answer would always be the same: three or four. Coming from a big family, that’s really all I could imagine for myself. There’s something wonderful about the madness that is a childhood lived with a… Continue reading Party of One

Funny Stuff

My Hero

There are certain things that I’ve always tried to encourage Lincoln to enjoy. Trains, books, nature, animals. Then there are the things I’ve tried to avoid getting him involved with. One of the items on my avoid list is super heroes. Listen, it’s just not my thing. I’m not judging anyone who enjoys these things… Continue reading My Hero


Dear Lincoln

Dear Lincoln, You have one of the most vibrant personalities I’ve ever seen. You can light up a room, and I want you to know what a joy that is for me & everyone around you. You are bold. You love people. You don’t mind being the center of attention; you actually thrive when you… Continue reading Dear Lincoln