Two Year Kidneyversary

Today marks two years since Mike’s kidney transplant. We have been beyond blessed to have had so few issues since then. Not everyone has such a smooth post-transplant process. We still have monthly labs, quarterly check ups, and yearly in-depth check ups, but the contrast between life today and life before transplant is stark. Our lives still feel complicated and messy sometimes, because that’s the nature of life, but Mike is healthy, and that is so huge.

People talk about being thankful for their health, but until you’ve watched it be stripped away from someone you love dearly, you just have no clue. I am not perfect. I still moan and complain about life’s annoyances, but I can tell you that I am forever grateful for Mike’s functioning kidney and the strength that brings to his body. There’s not a day that passes when I don’t think of it, because it’s in everything he does. I see it when he decides to go for a jog. It’s there when he does cannonballs into the pool to make the kids laugh. The monthly phone call that says the labs came back great and all is well. Even in the nights when I am frustrated that he has to stay up late working, I am reminded that it’s something he physically could not do before because of the fatigue and exhaustion.

We have no clue what the future may bring us. Transplant is a form of treatment, not a cure. His kidney could work perfectly the rest of his life or things can change in an instant. We know that. But my motto to combat that fear is that I am thankful for today, and I am thankful for each and every healthy day we get, however many that may be.

Tim is our own personal hero. I think of him when I read a quote that I love by Mother Teresa. “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Tim cast his stone when he gave Mike a second chance at a healthy life. From that, he gave Lincoln and me and everyone who loves Mike more time with him. Every good thing Mike & I hope to accomplish is possible because of the gift he was given. We could never have taken care of our two foster children in the state Mike was in before surgery. I’d like to think that raising them these past six months and however many months are ahead of us will affect their futures and the direction their lives will go. The ripples continue and they spread out and they touch so many different people, because one person did something selfless. Thanks, Tim. Thank you is not enough. But we say it anyways. Also, free dinner and hugs this weekend if that counts for anything.

Mike still has to get his yearly blood work and in-depth check up at the transplant clinic done later this month, so keep him in your prayers. We are anticipating good news based on how he’s feeling and how his monthly labs have been, but of course I’m always slightly nervous until we get the final word.

The day Tim got to go home from the hospital.


My healthy, strong, not-jaundiced, look-at-me-my-creatinine-is-0.76 husband.




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