Special Occasions

Coach Lincoln

I recently realized that I forgot to blog a pretty important milestone in Lincoln’s life that happened back in November and December. My not-so-little-anymore little boy played his first organized sport. When Mike and I were first married, long before Lincoln was a part of our world, we used to talk about the day when our son would play baseball. Little League was a big part of Mike’s childhood, and I love hearing his stories about all the years he played. To see Lincoln out on that field after all the times I had daydreamed about that moment before he was even born and when he was a baby was a pretty sweet mom moment.

That tender moment only lasted a short while and then the reality of the situation set in. My three-year-old was going to need to listen and follow directions and stand still. Yikes. Most little boys are active and hyper, but I sometimes feel my kid got an extra dose of wild. The whole scene was pretty crazy with three and four-year-olds tackling each other in what became full contact T-ball. While most of the kids seemed to catch on as the season progressed, Lincoln really struggled with all the waiting involved in T-ball. Wait for your turn to bat, wait for a ball to come your way in the outfield. Waiting is not really his forte. At any given moment he could be seen playing dead in the outfield, running off the field to tell me something, clutching his glove in his teeth and shaking his head violently like a dog, or just having a crying meltdown. It was an adventure, and I was exhausted at the end of every game from attempting to keep him under control. At least he ended up being pretty good at batting when it was his turn. He gets his athleticism from his daddy for sure.

My favorite moment of the season is funny now but was embarrassing at the time. Lincoln suffers from first child syndrome, and is pretty bossy at times. He thinks he’s 13 instead of 3. Since he didn’t enjoy being treated like one of the kids being made to stand still and wait his turn, he decided he would be a coach and tell people what to do instead. He went up to the real coach and said very seriously, “I’m a coach too now. You can call me Coach Lincoln.” Clearly he gets his bossiness from Mike!

Everyone enjoyed our family’s first foray into organized sports, but it was a little overwhelming, and we think we’ll take some time off and let Lincoln get a little older before tackling something like that again. We should probably try soccer or something more fast paced that will exhaust Lincoln more than mom and dad next time!





He loved the huddles.




Racing his buddy and teammate, Parker, to second base instead of staying on first. Pretty sure that’s not how you do it, Linc.



Isn’t that tongue hanging out concentration the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?











Post-game snacks might have been his favorite part of the sport.




His first trophy!

2013-12-21 11.49.53-1

Obligatory cheesy team pics. Pretty painful for this photographer momma.




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