Special Occasions

A Very Hungry Halloween

A few months ago, I was looking at Halloween costumes online and having a mini pity party that Lincoln doesn’t have a sibling so that I can dress them in matching costumes & have the adorable photos to show them in the future. Then I thought, hey, he has the next best thing to a sibling, because he has a cousin. I asked Caimbrin if she was down with doing coordinating costumes, and she was. We found a few options and showed Lincoln to let him have some say in the whole ordeal. He flipped for The Very Hungry Caterpillar idea. He & Cora both love the book by Eric Carle. Sometimes when he asks for junk food and I tell him no, he says, “Because my belly will hurt just like the caterpillar?” Yep. Pretty much. We found a few tutorials for the costumes online and went from there.

First stop of the afternoon was Publix. They do trick or treating in the store. It’s nothing major, just walking around to a few departments, but for some reason the kids get a kick out of it. The people grocery shopping seem to enjoy watching the costume clad little ones, too.




Next it was back home for a few photos. Bribery works really well at this age. You want some candy from your bucket? Smile at my camera!














We had a few friends over for some dinner and playing outside before the main event.



And finally, trick or treating. He loved it this year.


We had the most beautiful sunset for our walk.



Can’t believe my baby has had 4 Halloweens!

Baby Octopus – 5 months


Airplane – 17 months


Abe Lincoln – 2.5 years


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