Dear Lincoln

Dear Lincoln,

You have one of the most vibrant personalities I’ve ever seen. You can light up a room, and I want you to know what a joy that is for me & everyone around you. You are bold. You love people. You don’t mind being the center of attention; you actually thrive when you are! Your big personality isn’t always easy to parent and manage. It’s not easy when you run up & slap a cashier on the butt in Target. When your passion becomes evident because of a tantrum you’re throwing, it’s difficult. When you insist on playing drums while we are trying to rehearse each Sunday at church, I feel the challenge of being the mom to such a wild man. While I sometimes feel like I will pull my hair out, I wouldn’t change who you are for anything. I’m thankful that when your craziness first started to show through, I felt that somehow I knew what my job was. I knew instinctively that it was my job to help you learn to obey authority, but still grow up with the ability to question it sometimes. My work as your mom is to help you keep your passionate personality while learning to manage it enough that you can have a successful life.

I wonder sometimes when & how so many silly little insecurities grabbed a hold of me & altered who I was. I think that too many times in my life, I’ve let fear hold me back. So what I’m telling you is this: Don’t be afraid to be bold. It’s who God has made you to be. You are uniquely created to make a difference for someone around you. Don’t let fears & insecurities define you. It’s so much easier to reign in a big personality than to try to come out of your shell if you’ve been hiding in there. People start to put you in a box when you’re quiet and timid and they don’t want to let you out of that category. I hope your spunk, passion & imagination follow you throughout life. By all means, if you naturally evolve into being a more subdued person over time, there’s nothing wrong with that. Every personality is needed in this world and no one is more important than anyone else. I just pray that you can always be true to who you are and not let the difficulties of this life crush who you were created to be, because you are created in the very image of God and you are quite incredible.

Photo Jul 15, 9 24 48 AM

Photo Jul 11, 8 24 10 PM

Photo Jul 09, 8 01 46 PM

Photo Jul 06, 7 43 08 PM

2 thoughts on “Dear Lincoln

  1. He is definitely a unique personality that brings “fun” to everything he’s involved in. He always puts a smile on my face, and usually laughter in our house when he’s here! BTW- Love the pics you posted with this article.

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