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The Mind of a Three Year Old

A few weeks ago, I saw this cute printable birthday quiz on Pinterest. I knew with Lincoln turning 3, it was the perfect time to start something like this. Here are his answers to the quiz. Some of them are….well, you’ll see.

What is your favorite color?


Really, Lincoln? Never before has he told someone black is his favorite color. Emo much?


What’s your favorite toy?

Monster trucks & Target & race cars

One of those answers I can get excited about.


What’s your favorite stuffed animal?

A cow

Me: No, no. Not your favorite animal. Your favorite animal to sleep with at night.

Lauren Salas

Yes, he named his stuffed panda bear Lauren Salas after his aunt. There’s something wrong with this kid.


What’s your favorite fruit?


Totally not true. He eats bananas wayyy more often than oranges.


What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

A breakfast bar


What’s your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

French fries and chicken nuggets

You guys, I swear he eats like 75% real, organic, whole foods. Apparently the rest is what stands out in his mind though.


What’s your favorite dessert or treat?

Sour Patch

Okay, that one’s all my fault. I’m obsessed with Sour Patch Kids and he shares my obsession for sour/sweet candy too. He had some as potty training rewards and has never forgotten.


What’s your favorite drink?


Again, I NEVER give him soda. Never. I’m 100% against soda for children. I can’t speak for the time he spends with aunts, uncles & grandparents though. I love how his quiz answers make it sound like I feed him processed, sugary junk when in reality he eats mostly fruits & veggies. I’m not exactly known as a lenient mother in the food department.


What’s your favorite restaurant?

Chick-fil-a & Tijuana Flats

Alright. I’m done explaining myself.


What’s your favorite animal?



What’s your favorite book to read?

The Bible

Finally an answer that makes me look good.


What’s your favorite song?

Destination Unknown

That means Ruby Soho. Ya’ll, he sings songs by bands I’ve never even heard of. If you know my husband, this makes total sense. If you don’t know him, just try not to judge my kid’s awful taste in music. He & his dad play drums & guitar & sing rock n roll songs together. I just want him to like normal kid music like Twinkle Little Star or at least like my indie/folk music. Not happening so far.


What’s your favorite game to play?


That’s Sonic the Hedgehog, FYI. He thinks he’s a child of the 90’s.


What’s your favorite TV show?



What’s your favorite movie?


Me: That’s not a movie.  Lincoln: It IS.  Me: Okay….


What’s your favorite thing to do outside?

Play with my basketball


Who’s your best friend?


I believe the correct answer was Mommy.


When you grow up and you’re big like daddy, what do you want to do?

I just want to eat lunch & dinner.

Dream big, son. Dream big.


Can’t wait to see how his answers change next year!

Photo Jun 03, 9 01 04 AM

A little morning cuddle session from earlier this week.

2 thoughts on “The Mind of a Three Year Old

  1. Ok- so most of the questions deal with what are his FAVORITE things. Not, what does he get/do most often. So no surprises when he says he likes Chicken Nuggets- he may eat them only rarely- but they are what he would eat, if given the choice! Anyways- he’s so funny! My favorite answer was “Lauren Salas!” lol

  2. he is just too funny. i like him. girl, no one thinks youre letting him have chicken nuggets all day everyday. no need to explain, lol.

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