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It’s summer time again. Besides Christmas, I can’t think of a season I love more. We kicked it off this year with our 2nd annual Moms & Kids Beach Getaway. Caimbrin & I trekked the kiddos down South for a week of sun & sand.

My grandma has a timeshare in Southwest Florida that we’ve been going to my entire life. Literally. Spent a week in the same little beach town all my twenty nine years. Now I take my own little one. I’ve spent hours & hours there with my grandparents & parents, and it definitely makes me a little sappy holding Lincoln’s hand, searching for seashells, & building sandcastles with him on that same beach.

As sweet as it is, a “vacation” with two young kids is not exactly relaxing. Lincoln & Cora didn’t sleep very well away from home, which left us with some crabby babies at certain points. Even with the less than perfect behavior from those two, we still had a blast, and the change of scenery is good for everyone.

It was the perfect start to our summer!

This first photo is my favorite. Cora’s very first time hearing the ocean thanks to her cochlear implant. Besides music & the voices of her family, I can’t think of any sound that I’m happier to know that she can hear.

ImageBesties. (Most the time)




We had one gloomy morning during the whole trip. Other than that, the weather was so prefect. On the gloomy morning, we took the kids to the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota. Such a neat little place.



Part of the fun of vacation is eating treats you don’t normally get. As you can see, Lincoln thoroughly enjoyed his popsicle.



Is there really anything more perfect than a sunset at the beach?


Can we just talk about the water in SW Florida for a minute? The most beautiful shades of green you’ll ever see.



My attempt at a mini photoshoot. Why I ever think this will work, I’m really not sure. Lincoln found this stick on the way out and then had no interest in anything else the rest of the evening.


I’m so happy that these two have each other. Cousins are lifelong friends :)



Can you see the baby butt cheeks peeking through the back? After a bath on the morning we were leaving, we caught them sitting in their beach chairs in the buff. Crazy kids.


2 thoughts on “Beachy

  1. So much fun! Just took me back to walking on the beach with you when you were that young, looking for shells & shark’s teeth. Can’t say how much it warms my heart to see that you are creating those same memories with Lincoln!

  2. I love this! Even though I’ve only spent a few years at the condo, I feel like it is where Michael and I really fell in love so it def makes me nostalgic seeing Linc there. Such a beautiful place!

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