Special Occasions


I’ve not been feeling so hot this week, but I made myself spend some time dyeing Easter eggs with Lincoln yesterday anyways. Oh my. Why do I even feel surprise at the small disaster that everything remotely crafty becomes? I kept telling him to gently put the egg in the cup of dye, and he kept saying, “Gently,” as he lobbed the egg into the cup in the least gentile manner possible. He just wanted to play in the water and keep dipping the eggs over & over. When I tried to make an egg or two of my own, he started smashing the eggs together to see them crack. It was the least picturesque, Pinterst-y holiday scene ever, but he had so much fun. We talked about how Easter reminds us that Jesus rose from grave and how that makes us think of new life and new beginnings. And we talked about how pretty spring flowers and eggs make us think of new life. He’s only two, but I try to explain holidays in a toddler way. You can see how my attempt at being a good Christian mom turned out below….


Looking forward to spending Sunday with family and a great service at church. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Busy little hands.




Loving it.



My attempt at having fun with the eggs. He let me have two (begrudgingly).


They were cracked before the dyeing session even ended. It was fun while it lasted!


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