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Little Valentines

Last week was Valentine’s Day as you know. I’ve always loved the “fake” holiday since I was a kid and my mom made a special breakfast for us and gave us cards. Now I get to be the mom and make the day fun for Lincoln. He was so excited to open his Mickey Mouse card from his dad and me and be allowed to eat some chocolate!

We had a little party with our friends and the kids had a blast. Lincoln is my social butterfly, so having a house full of friends is right up his ally. To keep it simple since I was low on time this year, I reused a few things from Stephanie’s baby shower and from last year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Here’s our crazy toddler party.




Lincoln is obsessed with glow sticks. Loves them. This was the easiest thing ever. I already had glow sticks in the house (15/$1 from Target’s dollar spot!) and I found this free printable online. Easy peasy.IMG_0581

With his cuz.


The play house was a hit.



He really likes this little cutie.


One of my awesome friends had the idea to let the kids decorate cookies. Thankfully, we have a porch for these messes. Peanut loved helping clean up the sprinkles!IMG_0602



Oh how I have tried to break him of saying, “cheese”. No luck yet. Where did he even learn that? Photographers don’t teach their kids such things.


Partial group shot. Some of the kids weren’t interested. Ok, none of the kids were interested, but we forced a few to sit there. Cora’s on the move.


Things are falling apart.


 Annnndddd it’s over. Chaos has taken over and the moms have admitted defeat in trying to get a group photo.


And just because I like to make myself weep, here’s my baby boy on all his Valentine’s Days so far. Where has all that adorable baby chub gone?VDay

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