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Rock On

I can remember being pregnant and asking Mike what we would do if our child couldn’t carry a tune or wasn’t into music for some reason. For us, music is a part of every day life. We grew up playing instruments & singing in church, so it’s a regular occurrence for Mike to have his guitar out playing or for me to be messing around on my keyboard. And singing? Well there’s a lot of that around here. There are also frequent discussions on the merit of certain famous musicians, who’s the best drummer, who’s the best singer, who’s overrated, etc. Mike & I have completely different taste in music, so the discussions can get interesting.

We’ve always said we wouldn’t force our kids to take lessons if they didn’t enjoy them, but hopefully our love would rub off on them naturally. So far, this seems to be the case for Lincoln. He’s really into singing. In fact, last week he told my mom that he wrote a song (Where in the world did he learn the concept of writing songs???) and then he proceeded to sing it for her. He can hear a song in the car once or twice and remember the tune and parts of the lyrics. This can be adorable or scary. I try to introduce him to my idea of good music (Mumford, Dave, Bon Iver), but much to our dismay, he seems to be into pop music currently. He will bust out some Call Me Maybe when the mood strikes.

Yesterday he saw Mike playing his guitar and went to get his own “guitar”. (It’s actually a cheap ukelele we picked up for him last Christmas) When Mike put his guitar into his gig bag, Lincoln went and found his bag and asked for help putting it inside. As Mike walked to the car to load his guitar for church, guess who followed with ukelele in hand? When the musicians were setting up at church, he proudly grabbed his guitar and pulled it from the bag. As soon as his Uncle Mike started playing drums, this is what happened. I’ve never seen him dance like that before. He had us rolling. Thank God for iPhone video cameras. The boy knows how to rock a ukelele. My favorite part is the big smile on his face at the end. He was thoroughly enjoying himself.



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