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Christmas Trees & Cardboard boxes

Has Christmas really come & gone already? When you move in the month of December, the holidays fly by! We had a great year celebrating in our new home. Mike & I have said for years that we wanted to be able to host our families on holidays if we ever had the space. Well, we packed this place out on Christmas Day with 17 adults and 2 kids. It was a part-tay up in here. Here’s a little look at our Christmas festivities.

We moved in on the 6th & 7th. On the 11th, we went to get a tree. I made myself a deal that I could decorate the house as much as I wanted until the 15th, but at that point, 9 days before Christmas, I better just let go whatever hadn’t gotten done! Ha!

We went out to our favorite tree farm where we had Lincoln’s 2nd birthday party. We were planning to continue our tradition of cutting down a tree, but alas, they had such an overwhelming number of patrons this year that the fields were getting depleted and they had to stop allowing trees to be cut. We came home with a Northern tree that had been trucked in instead. It’s okay. I have a history of my Christmas tree expeditions not going as planned ;)

2012-12-11 17.16.48

2012-12-11 17.16.29

We could hardly tear him away from the petting zoo portion of the tree farm.

2012-12-11 17.04.36

2012-12-11 17.04.07

Putting the star on the tree…in his undies. The child hates to wear clothes.

2012-12-11 21.35.58

A look at all the decor I  scrambled to get out before my self-imposed deadline.


These little Mason Jar snow globes were the most fun to make. I already had the jars, the snow was $2 at Target, and I found the vintage bottle brush trees at Renniger’s :)





Oh yeah. We bought a sectional. We are really liking it so far. We wanted a big, comfy place to accommodate lots of our favorite people for movie nights or Magic games or….a place to accidentally fall asleep watching TV. Not that I would ever do that. Although we love the couch, it is only serving to highlight the need for color in this house. It’s a beige wonderland right now. Hopefully not for much longer.IMG_0007


Lincoln painted this at church. He’s not afraid of color.



I won 2 of these cute things from my friend’s blog!


I made a few of these fabric wrapped ornaments just for fun. Five minute projects are my favorite.




The Christmas card holder was also won from the blog giveaways.


Attempting to make the pool bath cute. Not an easy task at this point.



Remember my dingy fireplace?



It got a makeover :) We’ll call this “in progress” not “after”, because I still need to find or build a mantle. This year the stockings were hung with twine. Not exactly what I envisioned when I thought of “hanging the stockings with care”.



Easy peasy fabric hoop ornaments. Saw these on Pinterest and thought how cute and original of an idea. My mom came over & said she made these exact things when I was a kid. So even Pinterest has no original ideas any more ;)



And 3 days before Christmas, there were still cardboard boxes.


Everywhere. As lovely as they were along side my Christmas decor, we decided to get rid of them before company came.




The “bright & shiny” hall bath with the fabric trees I made last year.


The family went a little nuts this year. Gifts were everywhere, spreading from one living room to the next.


My sweet boy waiting to open his gifts.





His main gift this year. Mom got a new house, now Lincoln has a new house. He absolutely loves it and begs to go outside. Even at 8:00 pm when it’s 40 something degrees out, he’s still begging to go play.


He got embarrassed when he turned around & saw the camera.


His first call from his new house? Mimi, who else?




Eating (destroying) my beautiful pancake art. Haha.


Mid-morning, the whole clan came to open gifts. My dad read the Christmas story to us. It’s a long standing tradition and I love it every year. Lincoln, well he just wanted to open gifts. He was running through the house, wallowing on the carpet, etc.





My little bro leaves for UF next week. Sniff sniff. We are really going to miss him being home, but we are super proud that he got into UF!



At lunch time, Mike’s family joined us. The men folk playing golf in the back yard.


Linc & Cora.



So grown up this year. This momma can hardly handle it.



Christmas with my hubby. What a year we’ve had. So very grateful.


There’s our Christmas in a nutshell! Hope each and every one of you had a blessed Christmas season with the ones you love!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Trees & Cardboard boxes

  1. I couldn’t be happier for you. A flippin emotional roller coaster of a year but what an ending! The house is fab. So excited to see if become yours. You did a great job for a few days of living there! My favorite thing was the little box of pine cones/ornaments. So cute! Lincoln is such a handsome child and you look so very happy and skinny! Mike looks so so healthy and just as happy as you. Happy wife, happy life, right? Your best friend has a very happy heart for you right now. Can’t wait to spend some time together soon!

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