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Countdown to Christmas

We are gearing up for Lincoln’s 3rd Christmas! So hard to believe. His first Christmas he was 7 months old, last year he was 1.5, and this year he’s 2.5. He is really into it this year. He calls everything “Christmas”. He knows to call them Christmas trees or Christmas lights, but sometimes when he sees something shiny, he just says, “Look, mama! It’s Christmas!” Yesterday he was walking around singing Jingle Bells. He’s full of Christmas cheer.

This is the first year that I felt he might be ready for an Advent calendar. I really wanted to see him enjoy the anticipation of counting down the days. Unfortunately, when I needed to make a calendar, we were living out of our family’s guest bedroom and praying the deal with our house wouldn’t fall through. I wasn’t exactly feeling crafty under those circumstances, so I needed something simple. A few weeks prior, I went to the Renniger’s Antique Extravaganza. (Side-note: If you’ve never been to the Extravaganza, you have to go. It’s like heaven if  heaven were filled with crafts and antiques.) While I was there, I found this lovely little wooden tree and decided to bring it home. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, but it was too fun to pass up. Fast forward to me trying to make a simple Advent calendar, and I realized the tree would be perfect. A few tags from Joann’s, scrapbook paper star, clothespins, hot glue, and voila.

2012-12-11 14.23.31

2012-12-11 14.23.48

2012-12-11 14.24.53

2012-12-11 14.24.21

We’ve enjoyed doing simple little things together every day to celebrate Christmas. I’ve tried to talk to him about the meaning of Christmas and why it means so much to us as Christians, but at 2.5, there’s only so much he can grasp. Funny how he can easily grasp that Christmas=presents though. That’s an easy concept for a toddler. We’ll keep working on the true meaning of Christmas :)

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Heidi that is so so perfect! I would use it every year! Y’alls activities sound super fun. Didn’t know Tavares had snow :)

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