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New Crib

I truly thought it would never happen, but it did. We are in our new home as I type. What a few months it has been. I have no intention of moving again any time soon. The process has been absolutely exhausting and more stressful than I imagined. So we will just settle in and hang out here for a while.

When our first house went under contract, we were thrilled that it was finally selling! Then we realized we had nowhere to go. So the journey to find a new home began. The first several homes we tried to get got snatched up by other buyers or just didn’t work out. It wasn’t looking good. I had to decide whether to settle for a home we weren’t crazy about or wait it out. Thankfully we decided to wait, and just a few weeks later this home came on the market.

We almost didn’t come see this house. The day it was listed, I looked at it online and wasn’t impressed by the photos. The outside was unattractive, it only had 3 bedrooms when I was hoping for 4, and I just didn’t think I’d like it. Two days later, my mom emailed me the listing and said she thought we should go see this place. I reluctantly agreed. I’m so glad she sent me that email, because once we were here, we fell in love. I decided that it just wasn’t photogenic. In photos, just eh. In real life, so much potential and character.

I had a list of things that I wanted, and this house has almost none of them. Ha! It wasn’t at all what I had in mind, but I love it. I mean, no girl dreams of a ranch, right? I wanted a cottage or farmhouse, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen with our budget. No fancy master bath, no fourth bedroom. What it does have is a huge yard; almost an acre! It’s in a fantastic neighborhood. It has a pool and tons of outdoor living space. Speaking of space, it’s big. Well, big to a family used to living in 1,100 tiny square feet for eight years. At almost 2,700 square feet, it might as well be a mansion to me. I’m living it up. And Lincoln is literally running through the house in fits of joy at all the room he has. He was like a caged animal in the other house. It’s tough to find reasons to be thankful for a crappy economy, but I have one. A totally tanked market meant we could get way more house than we ever imagined for our budget. So yay for the housing crash? Ok, we won’t go that far, but being able to afford a nicer house is the silver lining in the cloud of a sad Florida housing market.

Enough chit chat. Here’s the house as it looked on moving day. I’m hesitant to post them, because it really is so different in real life, but you can take my word for it, right? It’s a long term project kind of home. It was move-in ready with basically no repairs needed, but in the decor department….well, I have a list a mile long of things we will eventually do when time and finances allow. So use your imagination :)



Hopefully the shutters will be painted very soon. It’s near the top of my to do list. And hopefully we can revive the grass. That brown isn’t too pretty.


Now listen. Don’t be jealous of my birds on the front door. The Bible says not to covet. True story: As my mom & I are saying how the first thing I have to change when we move in is the front door, my dad is gushing over how awesome he thinks they are. I told him maybe if I was 80 living in a beach condo in Boca. Sorry, Dad. The birds are getting the boot soon.


Mike’s domain. Finally has a 2 car garage.



Family room.IMG_0011

That big picture window was a selling point for me. This photographer loves her some natural light.


This house has 3.5 bathrooms. All are u-g-l-y. One day, we’ll remodel them. Half bath near the pool.IMG_0015

Bar area near the pool. Mike wants to dress in a tuxedo and stand behind there when we have our first dinner party.


I live with two fish, so this pool will see a lot of action this summer.


So happy to have a fireplace! It’s already looking different than these photos since I chose it to be project number one when we moved in.


Living room. AKA room that shall sit empty because we don’t own enough furniture.

Side note: The kid who never wants his photo taken followed me around and kept photobombing me. Oh, and he does own pants. It’s just nearly impossible to get him to wear them.


Cora checking the place out.



Lincoln’s room. This room is huge, so it doubles as the playroom.



Lincoln’s bathroom.


Kitchen. Buying a white microwave is on the agenda.




My last “laundry room” was in the garage, so this is ah-mazing. Nice, big room with tons of cabinets.


Ok, so the cabinets aren’t real pretty. They are functional though :)


My first nice washer & dryer! I’ve been missing out all these years with my God-only-knows-how-old-these-are set of machines I used to have.


Hall bath. It’s, um, bright & shiny in here. Not in a good way. Crazy bright lights surrounding the vanity.


Shiny gold trim. Gotta love it.



Master bedroom. I love waking up to the view of the beautiful backyard.



Master bath. I have a vision of a garden tub sitting right there one day…



Extra bedroom. Excuse the carpet steamer. My awesome sister was cleaning the carpets while I took these photos.



Back porch.




Love this big tree towards the back of our property. The back yard is heavenly, and played a huge role in our decision to buy the house. Every other house we saw had no yard at all. Having all this open space for Lincoln and future children is huge. And having tons of trees to offer shade in the crazy Florida heat is huge for me. We rarely used our last back yard because being in the open sun made everyone miserable. Shade is a must.



The last owners left Buddha out back.



View from the patio.


Our house used to be on a golf course. The course shut down years back, so now we sit on 90+ acres of nothing. I hope it stays that way! A previous owner nabbed this from the course when it closed. You can still see the hole marker from our back yard.


So that’s our home! Hope your enjoyed the tour! So much to do to make it feel like “us”, but trying to remember to enjoy the journey. We feel incredibly thankful to have gotten this place that fits our family so nicely. This year turned out to be a year of big blessings for us. It feels very surreal to me to have my healthy husband, my sweet little boy, and this great house to enjoy with them. It’s definitely the fulfillment of years of prayers and hopes to be where we are today. Thankful November and the Christmas season feel extra special for me this year.

P.S. If you are (like me) feeling stressed by everyone posting their awesome homes draped in amazing Christmas decor, this post should make you feel better. It’s NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Hoping to maybe get a tree up this week since we are having all the family over here on Christmas Day! I’m afraid cardboard boxes will be the theme of the season at our home. So if your place isn’t ready yet either, you’re not the only one. Next year I’ll have a festive house!

3 thoughts on “New Crib

  1. You have a beautiful home! I am sure you will have it all decorated in no time! :0) congrats!

  2. Congratulations! :) So happy for you guys, cant wait to see the progress of how you make it your own!

  3. The house is absolutely MASSIVE! Oh my word. I am so happy for your new adventure. Your life will be so much easier with that heavenly yard. You’ll never regret having older for more yard and space. Take it from a pro of older homes. Take your time and breathe through the stress and overwhelming feeling that it will never be complete. Because guess what? It will NEVER be complete. It’s okay though. In time, you’ll be able to put your stamp of pretty on it and it will feel like home. Can’t wait to come visit you in your new crib!

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