Special Occasions

John Deere Thanksgiving

We had a busy Thanksgiving week this year. A few days before the big holiday, we headed off to Sea World to get some more use out of our passes. Lincoln begs to go see the whales and dolphins. He’s a big fan of the park. We lucked out and managed to be there on a really slow day, so we didn’t wait in any lines at all. Perfect for theme park going with a busy toddler.

We love living close to Shamu :)



After our fun at the park, we went for a visit to my aunt’s house. It’s been a tradition in recent years to have a Thanksgiving celebration at the blueberry farm.



Crazy cousins.


Never wants to sit still for photos with his momma.




She thinks my tractor’s sexy.



It wouldn’t be a holiday on a farm without a hay ride. On another note, why does a rubber snake make my son so happy?




And finally, Thanksgiving Day at my mom’s. This is the pose he decided to strike when I asked to take his picture.




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