Corn, Friends & A Monster Truck

How can it possibly be the week of Thanksgiving? This fall is just flying by me. I feel like I’ve missed this season due to packing & moving, but we did manage to make a fun trip to a local corn maze with some friends. I love taking Lincoln to any kind of festive, holiday-ish event. Of course, anything that’s outside & allows him to run wild & free is just fine with him.

Cora wasn’t impressed.

Decently tall corn….for Florida. We’re not exactly the mid-west, but I thought this farm was pretty nonetheless.

Last year he flipped when we tried to put him on a ride like this.

This year, well the grin says it all. He enjoyed himself.

I’d never been to this particular farm before, but much to my dismay & my son’s delight, they had a monster truck. He begged to ride and then talked about it for days after. I called this fall done redneck style.

The difference between a typical toddler girl & a typical boy can be seen here. Sweet little Marlie was not sure about this whole playing in the corn thing.

And here’s Lincoln. He laid in the box and made corn angels. He rolled in it. He threw it in the air. I mean, take a look at this face.

iPhone pics. That’s the reason the color is off. It’s driving the photographer in me crazy, but the next two pictures were too cute to leave out of the post.

Isn’t she the cutest thing? Lincoln loves her!

And just for fun. A little look at what I go through every.single.time I want to get a photo with my child. Le sigh. Maybe one day I won’t have to fight to get pictures with this guy.

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