Special Occasions

Mr. Lincoln

This Halloween Lincoln went as Lincoln. Abe Lincoln. Someone mentioned last year that I should’ve dressed him up as the president he shares a name with, so I decided to go for it this year while he was still young enough to not have an opinion on his costume ;) Next year I’m sure he’ll be requesting a super hero or something, but this year mom got to have some fun.

We kept it low key this year & just did Trunk or Treat at our church. I tried to teach Lincoln to say, “Four score and seven years ago.” It came out like, “Four & five years ago.” We didn’t quite get the speech down. I also told him to say, “I’m Lincoln” if anyone asked who he was. Instead the first person to ask who he was got an enthusiastic, “I’m momma’s boy!” Thankfully most people knew who he was & didn’t ask!

In case you were wondering, that is grass all the way down the front of his coat that came to be attached to him after he slid on his belly across the front yard. It’s like he knew we were about to take photos.

His hat was a bit too big.

With his cousin, AKA Raggedy Ann

Forcing Papa to wear his hat.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Lincoln

  1. Awww! He looked so cute!! And Cora too! I’m so bummed we didn’t get to join you both. :/ looks like Lincoln had fun!

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