Special Occasions

Thirty Two

What a year we’ve had. It’s not every birthday that you can look at life and say that you’re in a better place now than you were a year ago, but this year we can. Your business has had a fantastic year, we’ve been able to help plant a church that we love and look forward to going to each week, we’re finally getting to move, and oh yeah, you have a new kidney. We have so much to be thankful for. It seems that we are getting a break from the dark days that filled the past few years, and surprisingly, I think we are stronger, better people for having walked through those days together.

So today Lincoln and I celebrate you and who you are to us. You’re the dad who even at the end of your worst day still wants to play with Lincoln, bathe him & tuck him in at night. You’re the dad who went out and bought the child seat for your bike so the two of you can take evening rides together.Your natural ability as a father never ceases to amaze me. You’re the husband who spent 15 hours a week in a dialysis chair and then still worked 60 hour weeks so we could pay our bills. Instead of taking the disability check from the government that you were entitled to, you worked until the point of exhaustion daily through your illness because you knew that long term, our family needed your business to thrive.Through all of the chaos and stress of this past year, you rarely complained. You’re an inspiration to everyone around you and we are so thankful you belong to us. My heart beams when I see you running, biking, and acting like your old self. You look like the guy I dated all those years ago. (Minus the bald head and bad fashion that I helped you fix ;))

Happy Birthday! We love you and we’re ready to experience all the good things thirty two will bring you. If anyone deserves good things, it’s you.

3 thoughts on “Thirty Two

  1. Happy Birthday to a great big brother! So happy that this year will be one full of awesomeness!!

  2. Love. Happy 32nd birthday, Mike! We love you and I want you to know I appreciate the way you take care of my BFF :) Here’s to a great year!

  3. Oh Heidi I love your words and your open, obvious adoration for your man! Happy birthday Mike!! And Heidi, the bald head and clothes had me laughing so hard :) Don’t forget the “walkie talkies” I loved so much…

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