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Potty Time

My baby boy is quickly turning into a big boy. We keep hitting new millstones that are exciting, but each one moves us further and further from baby land. I actually had no intention of potty training until my little Mr was closer to 3-years-old, but he decided it was time. Back in July when he was staying with his Mimi and his Aunt Lala during Mike’s surgery and recovery, he started asking them to take him to the toilet and he was actually going numero uno and numero dos for them. They told me and I was like, “Say what?” I had no idea where the desire to potty on the toilet came from.

When he came home from staying with family for those 2-3 weeks, I decided to give it a shot. Total fail. I quit 2 days in. I’m not sure if he wasn’t ready or maybe I just wasn’t ready for how terribly fun the first few days would be. Probably the latter. I went back to my old plan of waiting until he was three, but then all my friends started telling me about “the window” and how I was going to miss his window since he was still asking to use the potty. So I got all scared that if I didn’t do it, he would be seven and still needing diapers, and I’d have to buy all new cloth diapers, because surely they wouldn’t last seven years, and wait- do they even make diapers big enough for seven-year-olds???? You get the idea. Basically stress and peer pressure made me potty train him. So on the day he turned 2 years and 4 months old, I set out to conquer the potty beast.

The first two days were h-e-double hockey sticks. That’s right. Hell. I spent two straight days sitting in the bathroom or crying or cleaning pee off the floor. I was just about ready to quit again, but I made myself commit to trying for a full five days this time. Lo and behold, day three was a big success. By day five, I was almost ready to declare him daytime potty trained. I’m still putting a pull up on him during nap time, but thankfully he always wakes up dry. At night, he’s still in a cloth diaper. One morning he woke up dry, but the others he was definitely wet, so I don’t think we are quite ready to forego the diaper during his 11 hours of sleeping at night. I’m not too worried about it yet. He still has an accident occasionally, but I think he’s doing very well for being a not quite 2.5 year-old boy. Once we made it past those first two days, it hasn’t been bad at all, just annoying to spend so much time in the bathroom.

So what did we do? Well I didn’t have much of a plan. I took advice from my mom friends and read some blogs. I knew he needed to experience success, so I pumped him full of juice. (A rare treat for him. We don’t do juice at our house, so he thought it was heaven) All the juice & water worked their magic and I just made him sit on the potty. If he went, we went crazy cheering and he got one chocolate chip for peeing and two for poop. And I got two chocolate chips for me, because let’s face it, potty training isn’t fun. I am very anti-candy for kids, but the offer of chocolate went very far with Lincoln. He takes after his mom and feels very motivated by chocolate. I also had a potty training kit that a friend gave me and it had a sticker chart. I had no idea he would get so excited to put a sticker on the chart after he went to the bathroom, but it was a big hit. This next part may sound weird, but it worked for Lincoln. When he was having a hard time or getting antsy on the toilet, I told him the pee or poop needed to come out so he could say bye bye. And oddly he got it and was excited to talk to the toilet. Weird, I know. When I knew he needed to go, but he was being Mr Busy and not wanting to sit still, we read books and sang songs. The other big thing was keeping his little potty in the back of my SUV. Glamorous, right? It totally works though. In the early stages of training, there’s no way kids can wait until you park and go in a store to find a bathroom. Being able to quickly pull over and let him go on his little potty saved us some accidents while we were driving.

I am very happy to be finished changing dirty diapers, but I have to say, it’s sad to see him in underwear instead of his fluffy, cloth diaper butt. He seems so grown up without that J Lo booty. The cute boxer briefs I bought him help make up for that, but of course, he’d rather sport his Mickey briefs.

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