Motherhood is a roller coaster where the ups leave your heart bursting with love, but the dips & drops leave you wanting to hide in a corner in the fetal position. My recent days have been more fetal position than love fest. Toddlers & potty training will do that to a girl. When you have resigned yourself to pulling the hair right out of your head in frustration, your baby boy reaches out to you & says, “Momma, hold your hand?” Just like that, you melt into a puddle on the floor, drop everything & hold his little hand. You are sure that no heart has ever felt as much love as you feel, and you love everything about the insanity of being the momma to that little boy. All of the toys thrown at your head, all of the messes made & the fits thrown fade away….at least for a minute, & that minute is long enough to regain some clarity so you’ll be ready to face the next moment of madness when it comes your way.

These photos will go down in history as the first (and so far only) time he has requested that I take his photo. The cooperation lasted about sixty seconds.

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