We have officially entered the parrot phase of toddlerhood. Lincoln is very into repeating everything he hears right now. It can be funny or it can be scary. He sounds just like me. The other day I heard him talking on the monitor when he was in his crib. “Oh. My. Gosh.” Same tone & inflection as yours truly. Mike just shakes his head, and I tell him that God must really love him, because He gave him two of me.

Sometimes the parroting makes you watch your mouth. I have to be careful what I yell out when the old people are driving 20 MPH in the 45 or when the crazy person cuts me off. Sometimes the words he says to us let us know we’re doing okay though. Lately he has become a cheerleader. When I feed the dog in the mornings, he says, “Good job, mommy!” This morning I was scrubbing the toilet and he came in saying, “You did it! Good job!” He basically follows me around the house congratulating me and encouraging me as I accomplish my daily chores. At least we know we are giving him enough positive reinforcement, because he is repeating it all back to us.  It’s like having our own personal cheerleader. So if you are feeling down and in need of someone to cheer for you while you eat your vegetables or yell “Good job!” while you clean your house, I know just the guy for the job.

Earlier this week, it decided to pour down rain in the afternoon. That’s just not good when you have a hyper toddler. We got out the paint & Q-tips for some indoor fun.

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