Somehow it’s been an entire month since I’ve blogged. Oops. Time to get back to it.

We are now 7 weeks past transplant. The first four weeks we spent cooped up at home or at follow up appointments in Orlando. At that 4 week mark, they told Mike he could go back to work and that he could wait 3 weeks to come back for a visit. I begged Mike to get back to work slowly and maybe only do one inspection a day until he was back in the swing of things. Do you know how long that lasted? One day. One day he actually only scheduled one job. The very next workday, it was back to two a day. I can’t complain. The fact that there was even work after a monthlong break from running a business is a miracle. And the fact that I have a husband who was annoyed by being “lazy” during his recovery & couldn’t wait to do what he loves & work again is pretty awesome too. I am so proud of the business he has built. Within 30 minutes of him sending out an email to all of the realtors that refer him letting them know he could book jobs again, the phone was ringing & the email alerts to his phone were buzzing. We are so blessed.

This week he went back for his 7 week post-op appointment. His numbers have been excellent at each check up and at this one, they were even slightly better than the last one! They officially cleared him to get back to normal life and took away the last of the restrictions left from surgery.

Every day I think of what a blessing this surgery has proved to be. Not everyone has a successful transplant. Not everyone gets a kidney from a live donor and a big, young, healthy one at that. Not everyone gets cleared for work just 4 short weeks after a major surgery. We don’t take any of that for granted. It weighs on me heavily and I try to say a prayer of thanks each day for where we are. This season is not without its challenges. The disease & need for transplant has altered our lives and affected our family in some ways that we’re not ready to talk about yet. It hasn’t been a walk in the park to say the very least, but I do my best to live in the moment, and in this moment, my husband is healthy and strong. Other than avoiding being around sick people, we have no real health concerns for him for the first time in years. We know all too well from our research that a number of problems can creep up as a result of transplant and the serious prescription drugs he has to be on for the rest of his life. But right now, all is well for my sweet husband. He feels better than he has felt in years. He even has a hard time falling asleep some nights because he still has so much energy. It’s absolutely incredible for me to watch him do his every day routine with ease; to see him actually feel healthy & energetic as he works, plays with Lincoln, leads at church. There are really no words for that.

We are a family that copes through laughter & somewhat inappropriate humor. Making jokes about what has obviously been a very serious situation just works for us. We like to keep the mood light. If he makes me mad, I tease him & say I’ll punch him in one of his bad kidneys. He laughs & tells me that’s fine because he doesn’t need them anymore. He likes to brag to people that he has THREE kidneys now and acts as if he’s been given some sort of super power. Every other week one of us will casually say, “Don’t forget to set the clock for 5:00 am. Tomorrow is a dialysis day.” We wait to see if the other person falls for thinking we are back in that old, familiar routine. But neither one of us ever fall for it. That life feels  far away now, and this one is just so much more fun.

5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Mike is looking great!! What a blessing that he’s doing so well and able to get back to a normal routine. I pray that your life will continue to improve and this experience will fade with time….the dialysis, etc. Dialysis is wonderful for people who have hopes of a transplant, but it’s not a fun existence. I know neither of you miss that part. Praying for happy days ahead watching Lincoln grow up and doing all the things together as a family. God bless you all! :)

  2. So very happy to hear about mike and how
    Marvelous he is doing. Gary is 2 1/2yrs post liver transplant. It has been a roller coaster ride with the hepatitis c. We just came off of a 3 mo ordeal of me giving him a shot on Friday nite that always gave him flu-like symptoms, the interferon medications that made him ill also, our many trips to Shands. As you know we serve an awesome and almighty GOD that has been our strength thru all things. He was put on one of the. We meds, incivik that was passed. By the FDA for Hep C which caused a crystal to form on his lung. He quit smoking 23yrs ago so we knew about some emphysema but he really got sick around July 4th and had to be admitted to Shands to get 4.units of blood. We have been off the medicine except for the anti-rejection meds for almost 2 wks and the difference is amazing. He is still weak but better. Aiden loves sitting on daddy’s lap to b rocked to sleep or to have him take off aiden’s shoes when we come home from church. We go back in 1 mo. For labs and we don’t see the dr’s for 6 mos. GOD IS SO GOOD. We will keep the prayers going for y’all if you would do the same for us. WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE. Keep us updated and GOD BLESS YALL

  3. What a great photo of you two. We are all so grateful to our amazing God for all He has done. We admire you two for the way you handled this challenge. Not many young people would have done it as well. Love to you both.

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