Transplant Diaries

I’m blogging from my phone, so just a quick update. I got to see Mike around 11:30 last night. His surgery lasted almost 5 hours. The surgeon came out around 9:00 to tell me that surgery went great. Tim’s surgeon was able to finish Tim up & then peek in at Mike right after they connected the new kidney. He said that it turned pink almost right away, which is always the best sign after transplant. That means blood is flowing & things are working! By the time I saw him just a few hours after surgery, the new kidney was making tons of urine, which is also a fantastic sign. Maybe TMI, but It’s crazy to think that Mike almost never had to pee anymore. Unhealthy kidneys don’t make urine. So when they told me his new kidney was making about a liter an hour, well I’ve never been so happy about pee before in my life!

Mike & Tim are both doing really well. They have both already endured quite a bit of pain after surgery, but this morning the morphine is kicking in & they are both resting & recovering with their pain at a manageable level. Mike’s blood pressure is already improving after just over 12 hours with a new kidney. He looks so, so good. I forgot what my husband looked like with color in his face. We are so happy & so thankful to the Carlisles, the surgeons, family, everyone who has been praying & thinking of us. There’s so much more to say, but I will have to take the time to write it out & hopefully blog from a real computer later this week.

8 thoughts on “Transplant Diaries

  1. Praise the Lord!! Praying that things will flow smoothly from now until eternity!! I was so happy for you all when I read that the kidney was ‘working’….that never happened with my late husband’s transplant. :( He just wasn’t a good candidate, but they tried. So happy that Mike’s is going well. Blessings to you all! Love you!

  2. That is so, so great!!! I am thrilled for you guys, God is so good!!! Much love to you both!

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