Bumps in the Road

Feeling a little defeated today & a little worried. It seems nothing goes as we plan, & we are always facing bumps in the road, especially when it comes to our journey towards a kidney transplant.

Thursday we went to Florida Hospital for pre-op appointments. We met the surgeons & everything seemed to be going well. Then came the EKG. I could tell by the nurse’s face that something wasn’t right. She tried to pass it off as ok since it’s not her job to deliver results, but you know me, ever persistent, pushed a little until she told us it was definitely an abnormal result. We got a phone call later that day from our coordinator saying that the surgeon had reviewed it & wasn’t too concerned, but needed to pass it on to the cardiologist. Twenty four hours later, we got another call saying we have to come in tomorrow (Sunday) for an echocardiogram.

So the surgery is up in the air as of now. Normally I wouldn’t be worried at all about the heart of a 31-year-old, but unfortunately, heart disease is a huge risk for those with kidney disease. Dialysis, high blood pressure & other things that come along with CKD increase your risk of heart disease by about 40%. I am trying so hard not to worry, but it’s not easy. Not only do we not want the surgery to be postponed or cancelled, but obviously we don’t want to hear that Mike has any damage to his heart. I’ve been a mess ever since we got the call. It’s hard to sleep or focus on anything else at this point. The test is tomorrow afternoon, so please keep us in your prayers. It’s been a difficult, emotional week. Hoping to know results on Monday.

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