Special Occasions

Beach Bums

I like to rate how awesome a summer is by the number of hours I’ve been able to spend at the beach. So far, this summer is off to a great start. We’ve taken several day trips to New Smyrna, a day trip to Clearwater & a longer stay at Englewood beach. Lincoln has been loving the time spent playing in the sand, and I am always convinced that life is happier at the beach!

Last month was our trip to Englewood. Caimbrin, Cora, Tyler & Laura came with us, and we had so much fun. Cora enjoyed her first vacation! Tyler & Laura were a huge help with the kids and helped us moms get a little more relaxation time in than we would have had on our own!

He stole his cousin’s sunglasses.

Mouth full of kiwi.


Two peas in a pod.

I loved taking Lincoln to my grandma’s condo. I’ve gone there just about every summer of my life! My brothers & I learned how to swim in this pool and spent lots of hours beating each other with pool noodles here. So many great memories.

Ty-ya & Ya-Ruh

My little bro :)

One thought on “Beach Bums

  1. The pictures are so good. I love the one with Lincoln rinsing his feet off. Too much. I freakin adore your swimsuit-so cute on you. However, stop standing next to Tyler. It accentuates the fact that you did not get the tall gene. Fun time. Excited to see the latest beach trips pictures.

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