Special Occasions


Dear Lincoln,

            Tonight I spent some time looking back at this blog and seeing how much you have grown and changed over the past year. I have to admit I got a little teary eyed remembering all of the sweet moments we’ve had together. Yesterday, we celebrated your 2nd birthday. Your daddy and I put balloons all over your room so you’d have a surprise to wake up to. Well, you were sleepy from our beach trip the day before, so we actually had to go in and wake you up so daddy could see your face and give you some birthday snuggles before he had to leave for work. We took you to dinner at your favorite restaurant, Kiku. Oh you make your daddy so proud with your love of Japanese steakhouses. You actually look at me some days and ask to go there to eat. “Kiku, momma!” You clapped and cheered at the show the chef put on for us, and the restaurant staff banged a gong and sang to you. Your face was a mix of fear and amusement. We wrapped up your special day by getting you a tiny kiddie cone from Twistee Treat. You know it’s a special day when mommy agrees to give you ice cream!

          You are becoming such a big boy. Every day you amaze me at the new things you are learning. I think you’re so smart and so clever. It’s not all fun and games though. You’re pretty tough too. You are my greatest joy and my greatest frustration. You’re my most incredible accomplishment and my biggest challenge. You are the source of so much of my laughter and so many of my tears. You’ve made me experience love in a whole new way and understand true exhaustion like never before. Yesterday on your birthday, you climbed up on top of our TV cabinet, climbed on the kitchen table to get my camera and climbed in your closet to reach (and break) a snow globe……all in a matter of a few minutes. Even with all the craziness you bring to my life, I can’t imagine things any other way. You have made our lives so much sweeter than we ever imagined they could be. There’s no  peace & quiet, no house so clean, & no amount of freedom that kid-free people have that could ever compare to life with you. It’s a good feeling to look at my life and be so happy with the decisions I’ve made for myself and our family. You help me live a life of no regrets. You put life into perspective. I love you more than I can say. I am so thankful and proud to be the mommy of such a crazy, sweet, wild, hilarious 2-year-old.



Left: 2011 with one balloon on his birthday

Right: 2012 with two balloons. Sometimes the bribery ends up in the photo. What’s a mom to do?

What a sleepy head!

Rubbing his eyes. What the heck is happening???

Yay balloons!

Sleepy, but happy.

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