Funny Stuff

Passing on the Blame

I’ve longed for the days when Lincoln starts to say funny, witty things. I guess you could say that I’m fluent in sarcasm, and all my favorite people are pretty funny, so I’m definitely hoping Lincoln has a little of that in him. If you’re going to do this parenting gig, it should at least be entertaining, right?

Well since Lincoln’s sentences are just a few words long right now, there hasn’t really been anything funny to report. He does things that are funny, but he doesn’t really use his words to get laughs yet, so I was really surprised when he said a pretty funny thing the other day.

(It will help you to know that Lincoln calls my brother Tyler, Ty-ya)

I was changing his dirty diaper when this conversation took place.

Lincoln: “Momma”

Me: “What?”

Lincoln: “Ty-ya pooped. Ewwwwww”

Me: “Uh, No. Uncle Tyler didn’t poop in your diaper, you did.”

Lincoln: “No, Momma. Ty-ya pooped. Ewwwww”

Totally blamed his dirty diaper on Tyler and was laughing about it. Of course once he realized it made me laugh, he decided it must be a funny sentence, so now he will just randomly repeat that Tyler pooped. Sorry Uncle Tyler, this kid was ready to sell you out. The joys of being a boy mom continue.

The little stinker at a play date last week.

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