Special Occasions

Easter 2012

What a difference a year makes! Last year Lincoln had basically no clue about what to do with his Easter basket and eggs. This year, he immediately pointed to the basket on the table and wanted to get down to business.



(This year’s routine was a little different because our church is at night instead of in the morning now. So we spent the morning at home hanging out  in our pj’s, hence the casual dress seen in the photos.)

Guess which item Daddy chose to go in his basket?

A little egg hunt in the backyard.

He was starting to lose interest in the whole egg hunt game until he realized there were Smarties inside.

Mike’s creative hiding skills. haha

Is there any candy left in these things?

Dressed a little nicer later in the day for church.

So thankful for another great year with my family, and thankful for a Savior who gives us hope and something to celebrate!

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