Big Boy

I’m not sure when exactly it happened over the course of the last month, but my baby sure does seem like a big boy all of a sudden. Mike & I made a list of all the words he can say now, and the count is well past 50. It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling a little concerned with his speech and wondered if he would ever talk. There’s definitely tons of jibberish still coming from his mouth, but there are also real words and real thoughts that he’s expressing.

Last week he spent an afternoon with his Aunt Lala. The next day he kept saying, “Ty-ya and da boat and da pool”. I honestly thought he was just rambling, but when he wouldn’t stop repeating it for days, I mentioned it to my mom. She said, “Oh yeah, when Lauren had him the other day Tyler came over and they went swimming and then he watched Tyler ride the jet ski”. Holy cow! He was actually trying to tell me about his afternoon. He’s done so many things like that recently where he tries to tell someone something that he did, whether it’s playing with bubbles and a bouncy ball, or playing in his kiddie pool, or telling his daddy that the baby (Cora) was over at our house. I feel such a combination of excitement, pride & a bit of sadness realizing that he’s changing so much.

Last week I had one of those mom moments where I was in my room getting ready when I realized it was very, very quiet….too quiet for a house with a toddler. I walked out expecting to see some sort of disaster, but instead I saw him quietly playing with his trains. I grabbed the camera, because it was literally the first time ever that he quietly played with anything for more than about 30 seconds. Just another reminder that my sweet baby is growing up right before my eyes.

Stinking Elmo had to make an appearance. Unfortunately, Lincoln is really into that creepy, laughing doll right now.

Mommy decided to push Elmo over the edge and out of the photos….haha.

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