Cupcakes & Balloons

Yesterday I went to a birthday brunch for one of my friends from our playgroup, Angie. It’s always fun to be with these ladies (and the others who weren’t able to make it) We ate way too much at an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Angie was afraid they might charge her twice after seeing her empty plates, but since she’s pregnant, we told her to go for it.

The birthday girl!

I made her some cupcakes, because no birthday is complete without baked goods.

I got home from my fun, little outing to find that Lincoln had become sick. He was acting a little off the day before, but now there was no denying it. Today I took him to the doctor, but before we left, he got a special delivery from a local florist courtesy of his Mimi & Poppa. When I opened the door for the delivery guy and Lincoln saw the balloons, he said, “Wow!”.

Balloons are kind of a big deal to him right now.

Pointing and calling out the colors of the balloons.

There was a little puppy dog at the bottom of the balloons. Pretty sure he is one spoiled child. A mild ear infection and he gets a half dozen balloons delivered to his front door. Rotten.

Now he has realized you can whack all the balloons against each other and they make a fun noise.

The only good thing about the poor baby being sick is that I get lots of cuddle time with someone who is typically running around the house like a tornado. We’ve logged some serious couch time in the past 24 hours. Even with all of his wild ways, he’s still one of the sweetest, most affectionate little people you’ll ever meet.

When I pulled into the garage after taking him to his doctor’s appointment this afternoon, I turned around and saw that he had put on his fedora. (Which is now too small for him because I bought it a year ago, but don’t tell him that)

Who says you can’t be stylish even on your sick days?

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