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All You Need is Love

Make fun of me if you will, but I really enjoy Valentine’s Day. A holiday dedicated to showering your family with some extra love? I’m in. Now of course I do my best to express my love for them every day, and of course Mike & Lincoln are always giving me more love than one girl deserves, but I still get into the extra fun of a holiday.

This year we decorated the house, went to a cute Valentine’s party, and then had a love-themed breakfast together.

I might make bacon twice a year. Every time I make it, I remember why I don’t usually do it. Besides the fact that it doesn’t make the cut on being health food, my house smelled like bacon for the rest of the day. And the kicker? Lincoln didn’t even like it! Mike, however, did appreciate the rare treat :)

Excited to wake up and see what all the fuss was about.

Peanut wondering where his eggs & bacon were.

The upside to being an organic, whole food nazi 90% of the time when feeding your toddler? Your kid thinks it’s Christmas morning if you let him have Goldfish and a pack of Smarties.


At least he was willing to share his goodies.

And finally, our 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot. Remember last year?

I love that my quote one year ago was this:

“We attempted a mini photo shoot in the park, which didn’t end well. Lincoln refused to cooperate, but we managed to get a few photos anyways.”

Some things never change.


As far as cooperation goes, Lincoln has never done that for any photo shoot ever. My goal is to end up with 5 decent pictures and to not end any photo session in tears. We barely achieved that. Maybe it will get easier when he’s older???


It’s always a challenge to find cute boy clothes, especially on Valentine’s when everything leans super girly, so when I saw this tutorial, I decided it was the perfect thing to make him this year. I called it his “Love Machine” t-shirt.

You know when it’s actually easy to get a cute picture of him? Here you go.

Hope everyone had a love-filled Valentine’s Day this year!

3 thoughts on “All You Need is Love

  1. So fun! Lincoln is getting so big and such a little handsome little man! Loved all the things you did to make it a special day and the pics are really good! My favorite is the one oh him sleeping, arms behind head :) Yalls house gets so much natural light. Miss yall! em
    PS ellie was looking at this with me and obsessed with “dog name?”

  2. That close up picture of him sleeping is better than any you could get awake. Precious does not even start to describe that face.

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