Special Occasions

Valentine’s Party

I was so excited for Lincoln’s first Valentine’s party with his playgroup. He was just a baby last year, and we didn’t do any party, so this year I was excited to make cute, little Valentine’s and the whole 9 yards.

Since the playgroup has kids from newborns all the way up to preschool age, I wasn’t sure what to get everyone. I finally decided to spilt everyone into groups: newborns, toddler boys, toddler girls.

So the newborns got heart onesies and candy. The candy is obviously for their mommas, who probably need all the sugar they can get to deal with newborn life ;)

These were super easy and fun. All you need is a onesie, scraps of fabric, Steam a Seam, a heart template & some embroidery floss. I had all the materials on hand already, so it was a quick & easy project.

The toddler boys got these. “I wheelie like you” with a car and some candy.

The toddler girls got a little baby doll and come candy with a card that said, “You’re cute as a button, Valentine”. I forgot I had these little fabric bags at home, so when I came across them, I thought they’d be cute to put the goodies in.

Our friend hosted the cutest little party with lots of good food.

I would show you a group photo of all the kids together, but…..that didn’t happen. We attempted to get a photo, but it all went downhill very quickly. I’m pretty sure the toddler revolt was lead by Lincoln who was angry at me for not letting him eat more donut holes. Tomorrow I’ll post our photos from Valentine’s morning at home.

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