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Shabby Chic Shower for Baby Cora

Several years back when all of my friends started getting married and needing bridal showers, I discovered my love for planning parties. I think it’s so much fun to start from scratch, scour the Internet for ideas, then after some work, see the whole thing come together. It’s really such a fun way to celebrate the people in your life. I love to make people feel special by throwing a party just for them.

Since my sister-in-law is pregnant with my first niece, it was definitely a big occasion to celebrate! Also, since my life is all about dirt, trains, Hot Wheel cars & footballs right now, I couldn’t be happier to have had an excuse for a little bit of pink & lace. We decided to have Caimbrin’s shower at one of her favorite places, The Garden Gate Tea Room in downtown Mount Dora. If you’ve never been there, you really have to go. Not only is it beautiful, but the food is incredible. The staff was amazing for the shower. They had meals on the table in a a matter of minutes, kept drinks full, cut and served the cake, and even washed my cake plate for me! We really couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful backdrop to celebrate the new baby girl coming to our lives soon.

When beginning to plan this thing a while back, I decided to call in reinforcements. My best friend, Stephanie, flew down to not only attend the shower, but to help me out. We were basically giddy the entire time we were baking and crafting all this gorgeous, girly stuff. You gotta live vicariously sometimes. I’m so thankful she could come. It was a wonderful excuse to spend time together, and baking with a friend is always more fun than doing it alone. There’s no way I could’ve pulled this stuff off without her help and baking expertise.

On to the good stuff….pictures!

A couple of handmade gifts for my niece, baby Cora. Some hoop art for a collage on her nursery wall.

This nursing cover was really simple and fun to make. I followed this tutorial and made it in less than 2 hours.

The cake pops at home before they were all wrapped up. Stephanie really took this project on so I could focus on the cake. She spent hours making these things look just right! Chocolate cake balls from Martha’s One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe with white chocolate buttercream and white chocolate shell.

We even had some fun wrapping the gifts. Mine, then Stephanie’s.

Take a look at Stephanie’s blog to see the oh-so-adorable gift inside this pretty package.

The gorgeous Sanctuary room at The Garden Gate

The cake. Definitely my favorite one I’ve ever made. Inspiration was found on Pinterest (where else?), and Stephanie really helped me figure out the logistics and made the adorable puffs to go on top. It was vanilla cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate buttercream. (Martha’s Versatile Vanilla Cake recipe can be found here and the raspberry filling can be found here.)

Each guest got a cake pop to take home.

We had 33 guests! This is the first party I’ve ever thrown where we had almost 100% of guests invited attend. Cora is a loved & blessed baby girl.

My besties/honorary sisters

The mommy-t0-be. Just a few more weeks until we meet this sweet baby!

(Take a look at Caimbrin’s blog to see her beautiful nursery)

2 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Shower for Baby Cora

  1. You guys didn’t disappoint! What a lovely party- and the cake looked awesome! Best Wishes to the expanding family!

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