Get Organized Challenge: Days Six Through Thirteen

After a brief organizing hiatus, I am back. Lincoln was sick for a few days and wanted to be held non-stop. Not very helpful in the housework department. Also, I needed to make a trip to Ikea. You will randomly see white baskets throughout this post. They were cheap and have worked wonderfully for helping me get organized. (Skubb is the name, if you were wondering)


I didn’t photograph every day, because 1-It was tedious and 2-I didn’t really feel that the contents of my dresser was something to put out on the Internet. So here are the days I did photograph.

Day Seven: Pantry

Time Spent: One hour

This nearly killed me. I couldn’t even handle the shame of posting a before photo. The pantry had gotten out.of.control. This also happened to be the day that Lincoln decided to get sick. Right when I had emptied the entire pantry onto my kitchen counters, he got a fever and needed to be held. Yeah, that was a hectic afternoon.



Day Nine: Toys

Time Spent: Ten minutes

I’m not going to claim that the toys are all perfectly in order now, but this toy bin is in better shape. This is where we keep some toys in the living room. It turned into a crazy mess in there.

With the help of the Skubb baskets, I sorted the toys and made them easier for Lincoln to find, and easier on my stress level when I look in there.

Day 10: Laundry Room

Time Spent: Fifteen minutes

One basket has sunscreen, the other has pool chemicals. So much easier to grab some sunscreen as we head out the door now.

Day Eleven: The Freezer

Time Spent: Fifteen minutes

We have a bizarre number of ice packs. Some meds that Mike used to be on got shipped on ice, so I kept most of the ice packs. We actually use them for taking milk/lunch places for Lincoln, but they were starting to take over my freezer.

Much better.

Day Twelve: Spice Cabinet

Time Spent: Ten minutes

This was pretty easy. I just had to toss out the ones that were out of date or that we no longer used.  Mike is on a low sodium diet, so there were things in there I hadn’t touched since the day we found out he was sick. (Cheesy popcorn seasoning, anyone? Yuck. Sodium nightmare)

I decided to do the baskets here because I am very short. It’s really difficult for me to reach the spices I need, and that contributes to things getting messy quickly up there. Now I’ll just grab the whole basket and bring it down to eye level.

Day Thirteen: Medicine Cabinet

Time Spent: Five minutes

I couldn’t believe how many things in my cabinet were expired. Once I tossed those out, it was easier to deal with.

Baby stuff on the bottom shelf, cold/pain relief on the middle shelf, and random, rarely used things up top.

Whew. Getting there. Just a few days left.

2 thoughts on “Get Organized Challenge: Days Six Through Thirteen

  1. Looking much better! I did my medicine cabinet a few weeks ago and I too had so much expired medicine. I wasn’t even sick, but felt the need to go buy new stuff-lol. Yay for decluttering :)

  2. Hi, Just a suggestion that I have used for over 25 years at my house. I keep all my spices in the freezer in a basket or container so I can remove them all at one time. Spices are very expensive and by keeping them in the freezer I never have to throw any out. They will keep for a few years and still be good. I covered a shoe box with contact paper many years ago and I am still using it in the freezer with spices in it. Cheap, cute box. Also I put beach towels in a small laundry basket or hamper to keep them corralled on the shelf above the washer and dryer. Or you could cover a box with contact paper.

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