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A Little Love

Ever since having Lincoln, I feel like we have more of a reason to be festive during holidays. I remember some years my mom would buy Valentine’s decorations and make heart-shaped breakfasts for us before school. I want Lincoln to grow up in a house full of fun, so I’ll take any opportunity to celebrate a little!

Here are some little decorations I’ve been working on for the upcoming love day. I have a few more I want to make, but we’ll see if time and Lincoln allow.

P.S. I’ll get back to posting my organizing challenge soon. Between Lincoln getting sick, me getting sick, and work picking up, I got behind, but we’re getting back on track.

A cheapie towel from JoAnn’s with a decorative ruffle sewn on= a less than 5 minute project. Easy is good when you have a wild toddler on the loose demanding your attention.

I did yarn-wrapped letters a few years ago for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. This time I did them in pink.

This banner was really easy and fun to make. Some cheap paper doilies and shapes cut from scrapbooking paper all sewn together.

I used the painted terra cotta pots from the fabric Christmas trees to make this centerpiece. I saw a tutorial on Purl Bee for Valentine’s barrettes and turned it into little hearts to hang on the branches.

I don’t even really like pink that much, but I guess once a year won’t kill us. It’s actually been kind of fun. Sorry Mike & Lincoln. Real men live in pink houses?

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