Square One

Our journey through kidney disease has rarely been simple or easy, and we have certainly received more bad news than good during the past year and a half. This week was no exception as we learned that the hospital doesn’t believe Mike’s brother is a good donor and has officially rejected that as an option for us. Brian was a very good tissue match; Siblings have a 75% chance of being a match. The problem is that for whatever reason, Brian’s blood pressure was slightly elevated during the exams. We’re not sure if it was “white coat syndrome” or maybe he has a minor blood pressure issue. Either way, they don’t feel that it would be good for Brian to give up a kidney, considering kidneys play a huge role in helping your body maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Of course we all want what is best for Mike and Brian, so I trust and respect the decision they made. It’s just extremely disappointing to realize we’re back at square one. Here we were thinking surgery would be happening very, very soon, and now we have no clue. Kind of feels like something that would only happen to us. A seemingly healthy 28-year-old very good matching donor gets turned down. More waiting. More uncertainty. More putting our lives on hold for an event that we have no control over. We have a friend who turned in an application to be a donor, so the next step will be seeing if he’s a match. We know that they have the same blood type, so that’s a start, but we have no way of knowing if he would be a tissue match until they call him in to start blood work. We really have no idea what the chances are that a non-relative would be a good match, so it’s just wait and see. I guess the worst case scenario is that he is not a match, and then we’re just sitting around for what could be years waiting for a deceased donor’s organ. Kidneys that come from live donors tend to last longer and also require smaller dosages of anti-rejection meds, so we are really, really hoping that works out, but obviously none of us have any control over this.

I’m trying to think positively, realize whatever is supposed to happen will happen, blah, blah, blah, insert more positive cliches here. We’re just doing our best to adjust to plan B, and hoping we don’t have to move to plan C or some other distant letter.

On a more positive note, my kid is cute and makes me laugh. He found Mike’s football in the garage recently and loves to carry it all over with him. Yesterday, that included taking it with him to his crib at nap time. I walked in to check on him and found him like this. I guess he preferred clutching a football in his arms instead of a stuffed animal. Silly boy.

2 thoughts on “Square One

  1. Thanks for the update on the kidney donor issue. All I can say to you and Mike is to trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding and in all your ways aknowledge Him and He will direct your path. In the darkest hours we can always trust our Lord. Love to you and yours. Aunt Gail

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