Get Organized Challenge: Days Three, Four, Five

The Challenge continues.

Day Three: Tupperware Cabinet

Time Spent: 10 minutes

I accidentally deleted my before picture, and decided I wouldn’t mess up my beautiful work and redo it again for the sake of a photo. Imagine this cabinet very messy.

I threw out a few things that were stained and containers missing lids. We really don’t need tons of plastic containers. It felt good to let some go so it would actually all fit nicely.

Day Four: Linen Closet

Time Spent: 30 minutes


I’m fairly certain that a family of 3 doesn’t need this many towels. I took several of these and moved them to the laundry room where they can be used to clean up messes or wipe puppy paws on a rainy day.


I still can’t fold fitted sheets, no matter how many tutorials I look at on Pinterest. Don’t tell my mom.

Table cloths up top, then sheets, then towels, then cloth napkins & washcloths.

And now you all know that I was too lazy to take the shelves out and paint the inside of the linen closet. I should call this the Show the Internet How Not Perfect My House Is Challenge.

Why don’t my towels match? This is a problem. Every time I go to buy new towels, I cringe at the price tag on any of them that actually feel soft and walk away.

Day Five: Under the Kitchen Sink

Time Spent: 5-10 minutes


This actually wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Other than the nastiness that was on the white surface there. How do the bottom of cabinets get so gross? It was nice to be able to wipe everything down.

This thing was $2 or $3 at Ikea. Very helpful for holding onto those grocery bags.

If you want to follow along and take the challenge, head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and get started!

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