Get Organized Challenge: Day Two

Today’s challenge was to organize your computer desk. Since Mike & I use laptops at home, we don’t have a computer desk, so I decided to do my crafting station instead. After lots of little holiday projects over the past two months, it was looking pretty terrible. I love sewing and crafting, but it requires a lot of “stuff” and takes up some space. I definitely get more creative and get more done when the space is tidy.

You can click over to A Bowl Full of Lemon’s Day Two page to see her instructions if you’d like. I kind of made it up as I went along today.

It dawned on me that blogging this process meant I had to show everyone how unorganized I’ve been the past year. Embarrassing for sure, but I really needed the accountability. So all of you people who are Miss Organization and have it all together, don’t judge!

I forgot to mention that yesterday’s task only took 10-15 minutes,  so everyone has time to jump in. It doesn’t take hours to complete the challenges.

Day Two: Desk

Time Spent: 30 minutes




Regular pens & pencils, crafting pens, sewing scissors, regular scissors, scalloped edge scissors.

The filing cabinet next to the crafting desk. Ribbon, felt, scrap materials.

Yarn, doilies & extra stuff on top. Sewing machine and tackle box of embroidery floss on the bottom.

Maybe I’ll get around to addressing these baby shower invitations now that my desk is clean!

This 3-drawer bin sits under the desk and holds all the extra supplies.

I’ve survived two days! Tomorrow is the tupperware cabinet. I’m scared.

One thought on “Get Organized Challenge: Day Two

  1. I started the challenge today, and my definition of organizing the “Junk Drawer” is throwing all the trash out of the drawer, and then throwing the junk back in. I don’t think my organization will be as good as yours, but at least I will get some trash out- thanks for sharing the challenge, I actually think it is something I can keep up with!

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