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Giving Thanks

Considering Christmas is just a short time away and I’m just now posting about Thanksgiving, I’d say I’m behind on blogging. It’s been a crazy few weeks. We spent Lincoln’s second Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. They have a gorgeous farm, which Lincoln promptly fell in love with. Definitely made me realize how amazing it would be to have some land now that Lincoln is getting out of the baby phase. He was in heaven running around there!

The past year and a half has been crazy, stressful, emotionally draining….need I go on? But we are well aware that even in the midst of our medical crisis, we still have so, so much to be thankful for. Here’s a short list of things that my family is grateful for this year.

The Miracle of Medicine- It’s incredible to think that the man who invented dialysis died just two years ago. The thing that is keeping my husband alive right hasn’t been around all that long in the scheme of things. The first kidney transplant was just done in the 1950’s. Can you believe that in a few months they will be able to take a kidney from someone and put it into Mike in what has become a relatively common procedure? They are actually learning how to grow kidneys right now so that one day there might not even be a need for living donors. If you have to deal with a major medical issue, it’s a pretty great time in history to be alive. That is never lost on me.

Family- We are so blessed to live less than an hour away from both sets of parents and ALL of our siblings. Lincoln knows every one of those family members personally, and has recognized them since he was just a few months old. One of my greatest joys in life is watching his face light up when he sees his family, and realizing that he has a unique and special relationship with each one. He is a lucky little boy.

I could go on all day with a list of our blessings, but I’ll spare you the hours of reading. Here are some photos from the day.

Lincoln getting a good look at the machines in the pump shed. Such a typical boy. He just pointed and said Wow when he saw them.

He also loved the citrus trees.

Had to explain to him that they have to be peeled first.

Twins. Lincoln has recently started to look a lot like Tyler’s toddler photos. It’s kind of crazy. This day they happened to have on matching outfits too. Plaid, jeans & TOMS.


With his grandma and great grandma.

He loves sitting on little stoops. Never misses a chance to do so.

One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. These pictures are so cute! Can you imagine owning a big farm where the boys could just run through the orange groves? Heaven! (Might have to wait til then to get one:/)

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