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If  I’m being totally honest, Lincoln is exhausting to me right now. He never, ever stops all day long. Why do kids have so much energy? Lately he has started what Mike & I call “terror mode”. This is when he gets this mischievous look in his eye, and you just better watch out. He goes to his toy box and just starts randomly throwing things out of it. He runs to the kitchen and finds that one cabinet where the safety lock quit working and starts removing dishes. He reaches into a kitchen drawer he knows he’s not allowed to be in and starts throwing butter knives or birthday candles or pens or whatever thing he can reach at that moment. All of the above would have taken place in under 5 minutes, and then the cycle would just start over again. He is truly like a tornado blowing through this place when he gets into terror mode. I think these are the beginnings of the terrible twos. Too bad nobody told my kid that he’s not two years old yet.

When he’s not in terror mode, he can actually be quite hilarious and charming. His new fun thing to do is to wear this block on his head around the house. I think it’s a safe bet that Lincoln will be a class clown one day. The moment he realizes someone is laughing at what he’s doing, he just lays it on even thicker. Sounds familiar. I’m told that Mike got into lots of trouble in school, not for talking, because he’s actually kind of quiet, but for making other kids laugh. I guess it’s not the worst quality in the world.

My little Blockhead.

I don’t remember why he didn’t have a shirt on at the time, but I’m sure it had something to do with food, drink or dirt.

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