Good news, Bad news

It would require way too many words to explain this week, so I’ll just try to give the highlights so as to update people on our progress…and lack there of.

1. Holy cow. You guys are amazing. We now have almost $10,000 in Mike’s medical trust fund after just two weeks of fundraising. That’s enough to pay our initial deposit to the hospital. Wow. What a relief. And there are more fundraisers coming up. THANK YOU!!!

2. We just got the call from Florida Hospital that the board unanimously approved Mike as someone who should receive a transplant after reviewing all of his info and meeting us. This is big, because they don’t have to allow you to have a transplant. People think that doctors are required to do certain things, but this isn’t always the case. They can turn you down for any number of reasons including lack of finances, lack of support system, a bad review from the social worker, health concerns and more. So Mike is finally officially on the list to get a transplant. They will now start looking for an organ for him while also inviting potential living donors to start getting tested.

3. After further review, they decided to cancel Mike’s surgery that was scheduled for yesterday and allow him to use his fistula (the surgery he had 2 months ago) as a point of access for dialysis. Woo hoo. We were all thankful for that.

4. He should have started dialysis yesterday, but because of insurance issues, that didn’t happen. Hospitals and doctors don’t have to treat you in every circumstance. Mike is at a point where he needs dialysis to survive, but the hospital is refusing to allow him to start until they have proof that his insurance will pay. Why? Because they’re not going to do one thing for him unless they know they will get paid. Isn’t that nice? You can imagine how well this went over with me. So somewhere out there is one piece of paper that nobody seems to be able to get taken care of that would approve Mike to start dialysis. We’ve been fighting with insurance and the hospital all week. Insurance blaming the doctors, the hospital blaming insurance. I’m going for a world record on how many meltdowns one can have in the same week. Someone call Guinness.

It’s funny because people have asked us why we need to have money up front to give the hospital in all these situations. If you’ve ever been through this, you understand. While there are some people in the health care industry that care about patients, for most it’s just a money making business, and there are cases where you could die waiting on the care you need because of money. I have had to go into my bulldog mode this week to make sure Mike is taken care of, especially considering I know for a fact that dialysis is covered by his insurance. It’s just getting everyone on the same page.

So if you think of us, pray that this paperwork issue gets resolved quickly so that he can start dialysis. It’s time. He really needs for this to happen. Also pray that one of his potential donors is a match so that this surgery can happen soon, and he won’t need dialysis for very long. And it wouldn’t hurt to pray that I don’t have a mental breakdown in the process and end up on the evening news as the crazy lady who had to be forcibly removed by security from the hospital. Just kidding….sort of.

2 thoughts on “Good news, Bad news

  1. Heidi, Keep up the good fight. Everyone who is ill needs an advocate like you! Glad to hear the fund raising is going so well and I pray that it will continue to. Know that you, Mike and Lincoln are on my prayer list. I’m sure you will discover strength you never knew you possessed!

  2. Heidi-

    I don’t know if you remember me but I helped “coordinate” Laura and Sean Corkrean’s wedding. (I use that term loosely). Anyways, turns out you are friends with quite a few of my friends so when I heard that it was your husband that was needing a kidney transplant my heart broke for you! I was in a MUCH less serious situation but somewhat similar situation 6 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer after 7 months of marriage. It is freaking horrifying. I am praying for your husband and for you and your precious family. I’ll be at The Fringe Salon on Saturday December 3rd with Brittney Boscana and I’m telling as many people as I can to come in and visit! I’m a caterer (and food blogger) now and will have some yummy cupcakes and goodies for donation only to benefit your cause. I’m hoping to start a bidding war. :D Be sure to stop by and get one. (free of charge for you…duh!) :)
    Many blessings to you and yours!


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