Down on the Farm

There’s an adorable Christmas tree farm not too far from our home. We discovered that they have a fall festival on the weekends in October, so we met a few friends there recently. Dirt, animals, tractors, pumpkins….Lincoln was in heaven. We’re looking forward to going back next month when the Christmas festivities begin.

My boys at the entrance to the farm. Call me a dork, but I dressed Lincoln in overalls for the occasion. So cute.

The one photo where Lincoln isn’t running away from his friends and the photo op. 

The tractor ride. He was so excited to get in the barrel. So excited. Then the ride actually began and the excitement ended. The driver stopped about halfway through the ride when the screaming started. Picture Mike and me running through the dirt chasing down to tractor to rescue Lincoln. You’re welcome for the laugh.

He loved the baby goats. He barked at them. Right now, he either barks or moos at everything. I’m thinking it’s time to start working on some more animal sounds and attempting to teach him which sound belongs to what animal.

See those bright green price tags? He made it his mission to try to remove every one of them. Mike had to follow behind and replace them.

Mike had some fun at the farm too. I think it should be my turn to do the zip line next time we go.

Nothing like a little boy in some Osh Kosk overalls at a farm.

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