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Planes & Produce

Last night was our first official Trick or Treating with Lincoln. We skipped it last year and just dressed him up to go to a friend’s house. Remember this?

This year I had other plans for a costume, but when I realized I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for it, I just took the easy way out and bought something from Target. It turned out to be a huge hit with everyone and he looked adorable in his store-bought not-at-all-homemade costume. Sometimes I just have to be the mom who buys something already made and calls it a day, ya know?

I posted his actual Trick or Treating photos on Facebook last night, but before the big adventure, we headed over to Publix for some early trick or treating. It was so cute seeing all the kids in their costumes running through the store.

When I first got Lincoln out of the car and put the plane on, he acted kind of indifferent, but the moment he realized everyone was looking at him and gushing saying, Ohhhh my goshhhh. Look at the airplane. He’s so cute!, he turned it on. I’m telling you, this kid loves to be the center of attention. I’m not sure if he thought he was a beauty queen or a politician, but he waved and said hi to every.single.person in the store. Maybe this positive experience at Publix will help him to enjoy grocery shopping more instead of crying and trying to escape the cart while I’m shopping……Nah. Not going to hold my breath.

Since a trip to the grocery store always involves him being contained in a shopping cart, he thought it was pretty wonderful to be able to run free down the aisles.


Playing with car keys. A current obsession.

2 thoughts on “Planes & Produce

  1. He was the cutest plane ever. Who cares if it’s not homemade…you really don’t need to say that…all real moms get it. Some years my boys have worn homemade and sometimes Target got the job done. I cant wait to show Graham this…he’ll squeal when he sees the plane. you had better give him some of that candy too!

  2. I love that boy! you can tell he likes his costume. He’s just walking around like its normal to be dressed as a plane!

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