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A friend gave us a voucher for free tickets to the brand new Legoland down in Winter Haven where Cypress Gardens used to be. Since I grew up just a little ways from there, I went to Cypress Gardens several times as a kid. It was kind of strange to see it transformed into a kids’ dream land. I used to want to be one of the Southern Belles that walked around in the poofy dresses and sat delicately on the grass under the big oak trees. No Southern Belles in sight anymore. (Unless you count the one made out of legos at the entrance to the park)

It’s funny how much more aware and interactive Lincoln was at Legoland than he was at Disney just two months ago. A day at a theme park with a child is….well, it’s actually completely obnoxious. Long car ride, long lines, poopy diapers at inconvenient times, potential for meltdowns, etc, etc. The look on Lincoln’s face when we walked up to the entrance of the park was totally worth all of that. He started clapping and saying Yayyyy as soon as he saw all the bright, colorful legos. It might have been the cutest thing ever. I think Mike nearly cheered too. He told me on the way how much he loved legos as a little boy. It’s safe to say Legoland was a hit with both of my boys!

Riding in Daddy’s truck is a treat, because there’s a DVD player. It’s a treat for mommy too, because it makes hour and a half long car rides to theme parks much quieter. This is why kids shouldn’t watch TV. Look at this face! Total Zombie.

Our view as we walked up….

Clapping for Legoland!

Head first. Always.

Buttons+Noise+Animals=One obsessed toddler. I thought we might spend our entire day here.

Trying to jump out of the window. Boys.

My hair was curly and cute when we left the house, but a few hours of being rained on fixed that. Aye yi yi.

There were only a few rides he could go on since he’s so small, and this was definitely his favorite.. He was quite unhappy when the operator made the truck stop moving. There was some crying involed.

Nap time.

Miniland was pretty impressive. Kennedy Space Center, South Beach, Ybor City, NYC, Las Vegas and lots more “cities” made out of Legos. I can’t even imagine how long that took.

In front of NYC & the Statue of Liberty.

Meltdown in front of the Statue of Liberty.

The City stresses him out, I guess. I don’t remember what this meltdown was about, but like a mean mother, I photographed it to show him one day when he’s older. Gotta be able to prove what a handful he was.

The ski show with lego soldiers and pirates. It was pretty cute.

After confessing to Mike that I always wanted to be a Cypress Gardens Southern Belle, he forced me to take a photo with this Lego Belle.

Time to leave, but why not grab another photo now that the entrance isn’t so packed? If he could speak, I’m sure he’d say, Really? More pictures?

4 thoughts on “Legomania

  1. First, I love that he’s wearing the shoes. Love them on him. Secondly, when did he grow up? That place looks like so much fun! The pictures are all amazing.

  2. He is such a little boy in these pics and his hair has grown so much!Who in the world is building all those lego scenes??? Love him and Mike scruched in that little tiny truck!

    1. Seeing Linc in these pics it just hit me how much he looks like a little boy, instead of a baby! I just love the fact that he clapped as soon as he saw Legoland! Priceless!

  3. “The City stresses him out, I guess.” So funny, I almost spit out my drink! Next time you make a venture that way you should take a slight detour and visit my museum! You’d have to see us first (we aren’t as colorful and visually impressive as Legoland), but we have a great fossil collection and cool Ice Age animal replicas!

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