Special Occasions

Thirty One

Today was the husband’s 31st birthday. We decided to keep things simple this year since we went all out for his 3oth last year. Mike requested dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Mount Dora, which was just fine with me since I love it too.

I decided to make him his favorite dessert while he was at work, chocolate cake. I saw some Martha cupcakes online that looked like golf courses, and decided to give it a try as a cake rather than cupcakes. As usual, the end result was less than perfect, but I had fun trying. Mike was really surprised and liked his little golf themed dessert. The family loved the cake and pretty much ate the entire thing, so I consider that mission accomplished.

The best part was that Mike told me late that evening that he had an amazing day. Lincoln must have somehow known that it was daddy’s special day, because he clung to Mike and bawled his eyes out when he tried to leave for work this morning. That kid loves his daddy, and I seriously love them both.

Happy Birthday, Mike! We love you.

Lincoln trying to give his 3rd cuz a hug.

All of the waiters at our favorite little place sang to Mike and brought out a sombrero. Good times.

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