If there is one thing that strikes fear in the heart of a neat mom, it’s finger paint. Actually, Play Dough is probably worse than finger paint, but we pretend that evil little concoction doesn’t exist in this house. Despite my vision of paint being splattered all over my walls, I decided it would be fun to let Lincoln finger paint for the first time. Sometimes as a first time mom, it’s hard to know when to introduce certain activities to your child. I wasn’t sure if he would get the concept or just try to eat the paint, but he definitely got it, and he loved it.

Knowing that this ultra messy event would probably cause me stress, I decided to strip him down first so there would be no paint on his clothes. Genius, I know. Then I decided the high chair would be the perfect place because he would be trapped and wouldn’t be able to spread the disaster too far. Double genius. Now all of you experienced moms can skip down to the next paragraph or just continue reading so you can laugh at me, but if you’re a new mom, here’s some advice. Are you ready for this? Pull the high chair away from all walls, picture frames, counter tops, etc. All of my genius planning and I forgot this step. Thank the Lord finger paint is washable, because it was on every surface that little mischievous  child could reach from his high chair. I’ll know for next time.

I sat back and watched him swipe his hands across the paper, squish the paint between his fingers, and even dip his nose in the paint and shake his head back and forth as if his nose was a paint brush. My favorite thing about having a toddler is watching him soak every bit of the world around him in. He loves new experiences. It’s pretty great to watch him learn through something as simple as finger paint. The expression on his face and the paint on his nose was well worth the 20 minutes of clean up and the heart palpitations felt by this wanna-be-neat-freak-momma as I watched him smear paint every which way possible, and if he’s lucky, we’ll do this again sometime.

My little Picasso.

I loved watching him examine his fingers covered in paint.

“Look mom! I can paint with my nose!” Ey yi yi.

On to his second piece of paper. This was right before he decided to finger paint that picture frame behind him, and the wall behind him, and the counter top next to him….

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