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The Road to Transplant

After six long weeks of waiting, we finally got the call that Mike had been accepted into the transplant program at Florida Hospital today. There’s nothing more emotionally confusing than being excited about a transplant. I really hate that the next several months are going to be filled with trips to the hospital and a major surgery for my husband, but at the same time I’m thrilled to be moving along in the process.

The fact that they accepted him into the program doesn’t mean he’s definitely getting a transplant, but it’s a step closer. We have two whole days in the upcoming weeks that will be filled with tests. An ultrasound, EKG, X-rays, orientation, meetings with counselors, meetings with physicians. If at the end of all of that they feel that he is healthy enough to undergo surgery, then he’ll be put on the list to wait for a kidney, unless one of his relatives or friends who have offered to be tested end up being a match. Hopefully that will be the case, and then he shouldn’t have to wait as long. We just need for everything to go right from this point forward. We need for his tests to show that everything else in his body is healthy and strong besides the kidneys, and we really need a good match. We are up against the clock at this point. His doctor is trying to help us avoid dialysis, but that will only happen if everything at Florida Hospital goes smoothly, and we get a surgery in the next couple of months.

So keep us in your prayers. This is just the first of many steps on our journey towards a transplant. God has taken care of us at every turn so far and worked things out that we never could have imagined, and we’re doing our best to believe that will continue. On the 17th we’ll celebrate Mike’s 31st birthday, and on the 18th we’ll start his tests in Orlando. Hoping that by the time we’re celebrating his 32nd birthday, we won’t be thinking about transplants anymore and he’ll be feeling better.

This photo is completely unrelated, but it’s better than a picture of me with a thumb’s up to show my happiness about getting into the transplant program. A little peek at an upcoming post about Lincoln’s first time finger painting.

3 thoughts on “The Road to Transplant

  1. I’m so happy for Mike and for you too, Heidi. I pray that Mike will get a kidney soon and it will be a perfect match. His youth is on his side. :) It’s such a blessing that this can even be an option for renal patients. I pray that he won’t have to go on dialysis as that isn’t a fun life. Many people live on it for years though. Stand firm on your faith and put your hope and trust in God. He is in control and will provide in his perfect timing. In the meantime I pray that Mike can live life as normal as possible and will soon be on the list. Just know that we will be praying for all of you and trusting God along with you. God bless!

  2. Hey Heidi- I have worked as a dialysis Social Worker for the past two years- both with in center dialysis and home dialysis. I’ve also assisted patients with the transplant process. I’m sure you are being well taken care of and fully educated by your doctors, but if you have any questions or need any help you can certainly email or FB me. I pray that everything with the transplant goes well.
    Lindsey Pace

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