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Just Dance

For all of the oh-my-gosh-i’m-going-to-pull-my-hair-out moments, there are many more hilarious and fun moments in my journey through mommyhood. Lincoln has a new passion for “dancing”. I use that term loosely since his version of dancing resembles those moves that sumo wrestlers do where they shift their weight between each foot with their legs spread. You know what I’m talking about. Lincoln’s dancing is very sumo wrestler-like. Or maybe it’s more of an Irish Jig. Either way, it’s pretty adorable.

When music comes on, he just can’t seem to resist the urge to do his little moves. Even the restraints of his car seat can’t stop him from gettin’ jiggy with it. When he hears music in the car, he moves his feet and slaps his hand on his leg. Isn’t it funny that we are born with a love for music and a desire to dance? Kind of makes you wonder why we have to grow up and become so dignified that we don’t dance much anymore.

Earlier this week I found myself having a rough day. It’s what I like to call the post-nephrologist appointment blues. Mike had just dropped us off after going with him to see the doctor. Even though I try to prepare myself mentally for these regular appointments, I still tend to shed a few tears when they’re over. I decided I should turn on some music to try to cheer me up. Well, when I turned on the radio, the first song that came blaring out was Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. I wasn’t in a Beyonce mood (sorry B), so I was about to change it when I noticed Lincoln trying to catch my eye. He had immediately stopped playing with his toy, turned around towards me, and was grinning at me as he began his dancing. My crying quickly turned into laughing out loud. Being the clown he is, my laughter just encouraged him to keep going. So all around the living room my little baby did his Sumo/Irish dance moves. I grabbed my camera and tried to document another moment when I felt so incredibly thankful to have him in my life. Nothing in the world can make me happier than his chubby little face. Our home has always been a place where there’s a lot of laughing and acting goofy, but Lincoln just takes things to a whole new level.

Check out the moves.

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