Special Occasions

San Diego

Lincoln just turned 16 months old, and believe it or not, I had never been away from him for more than 24 hours. Because every momma needs a break sometimes, Stephanie & I schemed and planned a little girls only getaway. We both flew to Atlanta, and then from there, flew together out to San Diego.

Let me tell you, you really have no idea how to truly enjoy & appreciate a vacation until you’ve had a baby. For four whole days, I didn’t change a diaper. Didn’t have a bedtime fight to fight. Every morning I leisurely styled my hair and applied makeup. I ate 3 meals a day without wrangling a child who wants to escape his high chair or having peas thrown at me. Those things along would have made it a vacation even if I had been in Idaho, but the fact that those 4 days were spent in beautiful California with my best friend…..priceless.

Stephanie’s friend, Sheena, was kind enough to let us stay at her gorgeous apartment and even use her car. Thanks Sheena! And since Sheena was busy with job interviews and work, she even sent her fiance, Bobby, to pick us up from the airport. Best hosts ever. Thanks, guys!

I think this girl vacation needs to be a yearly tradition, Steph!

Day 1: Balboa Park. What a gorgeous place. Lots of awesome buildings and museums.

We went in the Museum of Photographic Arts. They had part of the Bank of America collection showing, which was amazing. Steichen, Ray, Steiglitz, Weems. Lots of amazing photographers that I studied in college.

Adorable cupcake shop. Love.

View of the city. I loved all the sail boats.

That night we had dinner out on Coronado Island at a historic restaurant called The Boathouse. Yum!

Day 2: We drove up the coast and stopped at every adorable little boutique we saw and ate lunch at a little beach shack. It was both of our 2nd times seeing the Pacific Ocean.

That evening we saw Much Ado About Nothing at an outdoor theatre. The actors were ah-mazing. Such a fantastic show.

Day 3: We hung out in beautiful La Jolla. (That’s la hoya, not la joya Steph)

More shopping and eating and beach.


That night Sheena’s fiance treated us to an awesome dinner, and we got to finally spend some time with them.

Day 4: We went to South Coast Vineyard up in Temecula. California is of course known for its beautiful vineyards, so we had to check one out. In a nice, unexpected twist, the band Train was giving a concert while we were there. We didn’t have tickets so we couldn’t go onto the patio, but we heard the concert over lunch and peeked out the window to catch a glimpse. Hey Soul Sister live over some yummy pizza? I’d say that’s a nice lunch!

I’m surpised this image even came out, since the lady who took it for us had been enjoying a little too much of South Coast’s wines…..She told us to stand this way with our hands on our hips because we were so cute. Good times.

Back to the beach for one last walk before our flight home.

Here’s Stephanie’s post about our trip. It seems that even though we had over 100 photos, we both chose mostly the same ones to post. Great minds, I guess.

3 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. So glad yall got some much needed, I’m sure, time away! Amazing how much more valuable those little things are now! So glad yall had fun and got to do so much in those days. So, yall have always been two of the most beautiful grils- but when did yall get so magazine worthy… every pic is so beautiful of yall!!! love it!

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