Special Occasions


What a craaaazy week. Monday I got to spend the day with Stephanie & the kids. We took some 2 year photos of baby Graham, and they are adorable. I’ll post them on my photography blog soon. Tuesday, we went to Disney. (Obviously) Wednesday was errands and rest after a day at the theme park. Thursday was pre-op appointments, and Friday was Mike’s first surgery. Thankfully we got to sneak some more time in with David & Stephanie Friday & Sunday evening. I hated that the surgery had to be during their visit, but it was unavoidable. The surgery went well, but we won’t know for another 3 months whether or not it was actually successful in creating a fistula (aka port) for dialysis. So we survived our first surgery. Yay? Thinking of this as a test run to help prepare us for the big surgery (transplant) that will hopefully take place next year.

Enough about that. Disney is was better than the hospital. I always forget how truly fun Disney can be. Growing up in Central Florida meant plenty of trips to the Magic Kingdom, but going back there as a mom was even better. I loved watching Lincoln’s face light up at all of the colors and sounds. The three boys were so good. There were only a few minor meltdowns by the two little ones, which Stephanie & I were completely expecting. After some mini naps in the afternoon, they were good to go. I’m so glad that we got to share Lincoln’s first Disney experience with our friends!

The proverbial Main Street USA/Castle- in-the-background photo. I love how Parker is totally cheesing it and the babies are so not having it. Typical.

Again, Lincoln & Graham are not interested.

The husbands and the little ones.

Nap time, Disney style

We were reminiscing about our previous Disney trips together. Once when we were 17 and I was first dating Mike. We randomly remembered that Steph was wearing her hair in two buns that night. The other trip was back when we were both newlyweds. Before babies. We were skinnier then.

Everyone loved the carousel! Graham and Lincoln were annoyed when the ride ended. I have a photo of me as a toddler on this same carousel. Such a perfect photo op with the bright colors.

Stair step boys. 4, 2, 1.

At some point, we had to just let Lincoln run free. He’s like a caged animal sometimes.

All the boys! Will we ever have baby girls in this group? Maybe one day.

One thought on “M-i-c-k-e-y

  1. Such a fun day…I was a little worried about throwing another “park” day in the mix, but it was perfect, meltdowns and all-lol. So glad we got to experience it together ;)

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