Special Occasions

Birthday Boys

Lincoln & I took a trip to West Virginia a few weeks ago to see our BFFs and celebrate some birthdays! Parker & Graham had a joint party this year since their birthdays are only a month apart, and I really wanted to be there. I was there for Parker’s 1st & 2nd birthday parties, but missed his 3rd & Graham’s 1st last year because of the whole I-have-a-newborn-and-recently-hospitalized-husband thing.

Lincoln was an angel on the plane ride up there, and he was pretty good on the way home, too. That was his 3rd trip to West Virginia, and Mike says he’s going to get annoyed if Lincoln’s plane trips start to outnumber his own.

As usual, we loved our time with Stephanie & family.  Every time we’re together, we just look at each other & laugh at how crazy our lives have become. Three boys ages four and under means never a dull moment!

Believe it or not, I only took a few photos. I used Stephanie’s new camera to take most of the photos so she would have them. Here’s her post about the oh-so-adorable train party. Here are a few of my photos.

Our three boys at the party! No, I didn’t purchase a soft focus filter. It was craaaazy humid and I couldn’t get the glass to de-fog.

Crazy photo. We added sweet Dylan to this one.

Sandbox time.

Lincoln hanging out with the more famous Lincoln at the Capital Building in Charleston.

After I did a few portrait sessions for some new clients one afternoon, Stephanie helped me with a little impromptu mini session of my sweet boy.

One thought on “Birthday Boys

  1. I am soooooooooooo happy you got to be there. It made that weekend go from good to perfect. I love the picture of us. And I also love the last shot of Lincoln and those two teeth of his. Such a ham.

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